Having played tennis all my life all over the world and having taken a special pride in admiring beautiful objects all along, I had a rare opportunity to become a creator of beautiful things. I was not an observer any longer.

I was very fortunate to have discovered hidden dimensions within myself and stumbling upon the art of pebble mosaics is a true revelation of my lifetime. This transformation and a newly detected mission in my life has taken place in my adopted country of New Zealand which I adore.

I feel privileged that I can now explore a myriad of possibilities in pebble mosaic design and through my own style I am able to establish a new direction in pebble mosaic art drawing upon the Maori and Polynesian motifs as well as flora and fauna of the most spellbinding natural environment of New Zealand.

The pebbles I use in my creations are predominantly from New Zealand offering a huge variety of beautiful and intriguing stones that are available to me in abundance and can be sourced from many different locations.